Our Environment

At Munch we do what we can to look after our environment; we passionately care about future generations and the world we live in.


We work with FareShare UK, helping to stop food from going to landfill. Not only does this mean that we are doing everything we can to fight food waste, but it also means that we can offer much more diversity to our menus, so if you buy from us on a regular basis you know that your food will always be full of colour, variety and different innovative flavours.

Last year we saved over four tonnes of in date, completely edible food from going to landfill!

Hampshire Veg Box

Winchester based company, Hampshire Veg Box, support all our community initiatives, supplying us with beautiful local fruit and vegetables, supporting Hampshire’s local producers.

Food Ethos

We have decided not to go completely meat free, for now, but we are no longer putting beef, pork or lamb on our menus – unless we receive this in our pick and mix FareShare delivery (we would rather use it than bin it) – as we know that food production accounts for 27% of global emissions and well over half of these emissions relate to the farming of ruminants.

We do our best to use British, in season produce and where this is not possible we try to focus on goods transported by sea rather than air.

All our food waste is composted, either in the hot composter at Unit 12, where we are based, or industrially.

As well as this, we are doing all we can to help people gradually adopt a safe and affordable, “flexitarian” approach towards a sustainable diet. Our Community Cooking programmes help people build the skills and knowledge they need to cook from scratch, using healthy, sustainable ingredients.


Our throw away culture is a massive environmental issue and we are doing all we can to limit our carbon footprint in this area.

Our buffet boxes are supplied by Panglow and our beautiful art series cups come from Biopack. These are all 100% fully compostable, plant based packaging.

Giving Back

We are a social enterprise, this means all profits generated by our catering services are used to support our community programmes.

Our Community Cooking initiative is a structured programme offering fun, fully inclusive workshops for disadvantaged populations.

We work with families with children, young adults and adults with learning disabilities.

We run cooking workshops both online and in person, with the aim to take the fear out of cooking and help people to develop the skills and confidence they need to cook from scratch.

We are helping our communities build a healthy relationship with food, strengthen financial resilience, refresh their approach to the environment and waste less.

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