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At Munch we believe in the intrinsic relationship between fitness and food. We know that staying active is essential for maintaining overall health, promoting an efficient metabolism, good energy levels, every day strength and improved levels of mental health and well-being. This is why we have developed Move with Munch, tailored personal training packages to help you with your fitness goals.

Giving Back – Munch Community Fitness

We are a social enterprise, this means all profits generated by Move with Munch are used to support our community programmes.
Our Community Fitness initiative is a structured programme offering regular fitness classes to disadvantaged populations and adults with type two diabetes.

We are helping our communities stay active and take steps towards living happier, healthier lives.

Personal Training

Our level 4 qualified personal trainer, Mary Needham-Carlton, is an exercise referral practitioner, with a special interest in type two diabetes and weight management. Mary is a registered nutritionist (RNutr) and public health practitioner with over ten years of experience in helping people change their lives, adopting healthy habit and long-lasting behaviour change.

Mary heads our Community Cooking programme and our upcoming Community Fitness programme (watch this space)!

Mary strongly believes in the intrinsic relationship between fitness and food. She understands that life is a juggle and is passionate about helping people achieve realistic health routines that are appropriate for them and their lifestyle commitments.

Mary practices a combination of strength training, mobility, stretch and movement. Through her sessions you will see improvements to your cardiovascular health, along with core stability, flexibility, improved energy levels and overall enhancement to your every day strength.

All sessions are outside in the elements (rain or shine), allowing you to feel close to nature, take clean air into your lungs and enhance your well-being.

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1 to 1 training at £40 p/hr based on two sessions (hours) a week.*
1 to 2 training £60 p/h based on two sessions (hours) a week.*

*free 1 hour consultation included.

Two sessions a week is recommended for optimal results, while maintaining fitness levels.

Please enquire about prices based on one hour or group sessions.

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“Mary delivers a great workout with a happy attitude, she is reliable and committed and I thoroughly recommend her.”

“A year of one-on-one fitness and strength training with Mary has positively transformed my attitude towards staying in shape. It has made me believe I can maintain fitness through my own workouts. Mary is a tough but understanding coach and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who feels they need help to get into shape. After one session, you won’t know why you waited so long!”

“When I started training with Mary I had just woken up to being the big 50 and, despite having had a good history of physical activity, the realisation that I had slipped into some pretty bad habits. A busy professional and active family life getting in the way of being healthy, leaving an obese and unfit version of myself I was not happy with. At age 20 or 30 it would have been simple: go to the gym, go running, get fit, no problem. At 50 this was just not working, rather leading to repeated failures and constant injuries.

Mary has designed a program for me, fitting in 2 sessions per week early mornings around our busy schedules. The work outs are continuously varied, tough maybe, but never boring. She has also developed a program to be followed between sesssions and provided dietary advice leading to some serious weight loss. Mary is cheerful, enthusiastic, and highly highly motivated. She cares about her clients, is non-judgemental and has a terrific sense of humour (pork pies are apparently not an everyday food!). All this backed up with some serious knowledge and experience. I actually look forward to her bouncing up at 6am and cheerfully announcing the days planned torture.

Without doubt the best money I have spent this year. I have lost a lot of weight, am in better shape than I have been in years, and enjoying an injury free active life again.”

“Over the 8 weeks that I trained with her this summer, Mary not only helped me to get fitter and stronger, but also boosted my confidence, so now I feel ready to continue my fitness journey on my own. The varied training regime meant that I never got bored, and even though sometimes I felt like quitting and giving up, Mary was so encouraging and confident in my ability that I achieved things that I never thought I would.

I cannot recommend Mary enough – she took me from complete beginner with zero confidence to someone who goes to the gym and (dare I say it) almost enjoys running! A massive transformation in 8 weeks. I only wish I could have worked with her for longer.”

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