Charis & Kids

Charis and her children, now aged 2 and 4, live at Barton Farm, a new development just outside of Winchester. They started coming to our Winnall Grub Club in July 2022, after hearing about it at the Community Food Pantry. Charis wanted to get the children out of the house and encourage them to learn about food.

Despite having no preconceptions, Charis was still nervous about coming to the Club, as her son has allergies and the family follows a plant-based diet, but they found the environment welcoming and accommodating. Charis said,

“Mary was very reassuring and everything has been great so we continued coming.”

“My daughter loves playing with a girl at Grub Club, my kids have loved learning to cook and doing things for themselves and they have tried foods they never eat at home.”

With regards to cooking at home, Charis said,

“I’ve realised how easy it is to cook simple meals at home. And to involve the kids in the preparation. We cook from scratch at home and the kids are always asking to cook, or to go to Grub Club!”

Charis said that her and the children have definitely changed the way that they eat since coming to Grub Club, they are eating more fruit and veg and fibre and the children have tried so many new foods. As a family, they have gathered ideas and tips on eating well while following a vegan diet.

Charis said,

“Grub Club is great fun for the kids, they try new things and we get dinner.”

“We struggle to feed the family how we would like to, because of the cost. Coming to Grub Club has helped a lot because I’ve found it so much easier to make a meal using random items or leftover items. We use the Grub Club recipes at home and my kids help with the preparation.”

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